Linux IP Firewalling Chains

NEWS: 1.3.10 Minor Upgrade Released (5 October 2000)

NEWS: 1.3.10 `make install' fixed (6 October 2000)

Due to the mysterious loss of `', I have placed the latest version of ipchains here.

Mailing List

Chad Stewart, regular ipchains list contributor, is running the new ipchains list: to subscribe, send a message to `' containing the words `subscribe ipchains-list' in the message body. To send to the mailing list, use ipchains-list@...


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The latest version of the userspace tool `ipchains', version 1.3.10 (changes) comes in source form only: Version 1.3.9 is also available:

ipchains helper scripts

The helper scripts (10k); ipchains-save, ipchains-restore and ipfwadm-wrapper. These are referred to in the HOWTO, and can be quite useful.

libfw demo library

The libfw library gives examples of handling packets in userspace.

MD5 signatures

Here are the MD5sums:

$ md5sum ipchains-*
e7d794ed6a358a39625dd528a43726ef  ipchains-1.3.9.tar.gz
c8996aef5985bddf80844b12ae833781  ipchains-scripts-1.1.2.tar.gz
44b6df672a6e7bce8902dc67aef6b12a  ipchains-1.3.10.tar.gz


Rusty Russell