Status and ongoing Work


  • Kernel 2.4.29: tested (Devil-Linux 1.2.14); end-of-life
  • Kernel build-clean (back-port from 2.6.18); end-of-life
  • Kernel 2.6.13: build-clean (back-port from 2.6.18); end-of-life
  • Kernel 2.6.18: tested (Debian Etch 4.0 R3); end-of-life

Planned in 2008 but never done (volunteers are welcome):

  • (prio 1) port to 2.6.21 (API)
  • (prio 1) port to 2.6.23 (API, lots of renaming)
  • (prio 2) a NAT helper is still missing
  • (prio 3) the link between kernel modules and iptables userland sources iptables-*/extensions/libipt_rpc.c got lost with respect to maintenance.
    TODO: add libipt_rpc.c to the rpc patchlet.
  • (prio 3) Check maintenance status for patchlet rsh, the RSH tracker by Larry Latter.
    It seems that maintenance has stopped at kernel 2.6.13.
    However, we need that module as well for a complete support of Legato Networker traffic.